Meaning ‘The House of Porcelain’ Dom farfora is a Moscow based luxury gift and homeware store established in the 1960’s with a deep history in the mindset of Moscovites and the city's visitors.

Essentially, “The Asprey of Russia” the 10,000 sq ft store sells products ranging from market leading brands that have graced the tables of tsars, nobles, Bolshevik leaders and the stuff of ordinary citizens. 

More akin to a 'gallery of products' than a traditional retail, the store is long and thin, almost like a railway carriage. Inside, JHP divided the experience into 5 principle rooms, broadly categorised by product type. Gifting, Business, Household, Luxury and Specialist Luxury. In addition, there are two ‘ante’ rooms, one of which is set aside for VIP clientele. The building also features two annexes
hosting a florist and a cafe.