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Autogrill’s legendary service stations are as old as the Autostrada itself. However having introduced numerous innovations for those travelling by Air and Sea and despite huge changes in the way people drive, the needs of the Motorist had somehow been forgotten.

All this changed with the development of Autogrill Villoresi Est Just north of Milan on the main route to Switzerland. Sitting under a dramatic Volcano like roof is Autogrill’s state of the art Roadside Revolution. JHP worked with Autogrill to develop an extensive and comprehensive offer. Coffee lines, fast, casual and fine dining, business centres, rest and sleep zones, truck driver hotels, sport and recreation areas, dedicated family zones, palatial restrooms, convenience stores and gardens. The facilities are more resort than refuge.

The building itself is no gas guzzler and generates its own energy and water, is LEED certified and carbon neutral. It is also open twenty four hours a day and to be frank always packed!